All About the Lips!

Summer Rose Designs - All About the Lips!

This holiday season, be a showstopper with gorgeous deep hued lips. Keep the eyes neutral, a little primer or concealer is all you need. Sculpt your eyebrows by brushing them up and filling them in (if need be) with a shadow, a couple shades lighter than your natural color with an angle brush. Please don’t forget to curl your lashes ladies! Apply mascara, 3 coats min. (let dry between the 2nd and 3rd coat).

For a beautiful completion remember to moisturize. coat). For a beautiful completion remember to moisturize. The winter months can zap our skin. Try a tinted moisturizer or mix your favorite liquid foundation with a little face cream for a youthful look.

For the show stopping lips, make sure you have exfoliated any dry skin (this look is NOT for chapped lips, if that’s the case-go for a smoky eye and a glossy lip, just sayin’). Dust a translucent powder over your lip line and highlight your cupid’s bow. With a sharp lip liner, line your lips, lightly filling in the corners, as well as the peeks, then add your lipstick. I always go back in and blend my liner into the lipstick for staying power.  And…Voila you’re done!

Happy Holidays!
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